What are the products that are banned as part of the nation wide ban of 2020?

The banned products include single use plastic bags, styrofoam containers & cups, plastic utensils and plastic straws. These are reffered to as the "forbidden 4".

What are the alternatives to single use plastics?

The alternatives to single use plastics are compostable products. These include compostable containers, compostable utensils, compostable straws and reusable bags.

What exactly does "compostable" mean?

The term "compostable" refers to any product that will break down in a reasonable amount of time while leaving behind no toxic residue.

How will the ban be implemented?

Starting January 1st 2020 the import of the banned products into the country will take effectt. However, there will be a 6 momth transition period where the use of these products will still be allowed. July 1 2020 will be the final cut off date for the the use of all banned products.

What materials are your products made from?

All of Bahagreen products are made from natural & renewable resources such as Bagasse and corn. Bagasse is the residual fibers of the sugarcane pulp which in turn produces a sturdy, water repellent and grease-proof product.

Where can I purchase your prodcuts?

All of Bahagreen's products are available for order via the company website, email, phone and whattsapp. Payment can be made on our webite via PayPal or in person in the form of cash. Delivery is made directly to you at no extra cost within the freeport area.

Do you deliver to islands other than Grand Bahama?

Yes. Delivery is possibe to all islands of The Bahamas. Please contact us via email or phone to learn more on shipping rates and delivery timelines.

When will I receive my order?

All orders will be deilivered within one business day in the Grand Bahama area. For inter-isnald shipments please contact us for delivery rates and timelines.

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